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A Beading Journey – The Beginning

25 July, 2011

I’m in my mid-thirties and I’ve decided to learn how to make handcrafted beaded jewellery. I’ve always enjoyed learning something new, so thought I’d try my hand at actually creating something that I could wear, and possibly be able to make as gifts for friends and family. I am therefore a complete novice, to say the least!

I’ve created this blog to document my journey into this new hobby. I hope to post about the items I make, along with photos to show my progress, and hopefully share any pitfalls/tips I come across in my journey.

I’ve decided a good starting point for me would be to buy a jewellery making kit, so at least I don’t have to figure out what wires, beads etc I would need to get before actually getting a taster of creating something. It seems typical that these type of kits come with instructions, and materials – wire, beads, clasps etc but not the tools required. I’ve been having enough fun trying to figure out what tools to get and where to buy them from in order to create the jewellery in the kit I wish to use.

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