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Rose Light Crystazzi Glass Pearl Jewellery Kit – Part 1

25 August, 2011

This is my first foray into jewellery making, which is why I’ve decided to start with creating something from a kit, so I didn’t have to decide what items I needed. I chose the Rose Light Crystazzi Glass Pearl Jewellery Kit. This kit is also sold in two other colour/styles Amber Glow and Silver Mist, all of which retail for around £20.

rose light crystazzi glass pearl jewellery kit

Before I brought this particular kit I read a review of it, which stated that the packaging was difficult to get open without destroying it. I wholeheartedly agree with that comment, as the packaging that contains the beads is done in such a way that it can’t be opened without tearing it to pieces. I had to use some careful brute force and scissors to get it open to be able to take the beads out to put in the bead box I’ve got.

destroyed packaging

The kit contains:

  • 37 x 4mm Lilac Bicone
  • 12 x 6mm Rosaline Bicone
  • 85 x 6mm Pink Pearl
  • 16 x 8mm Pink Pearl
  • 400 x 12/0 Pink Seed Bead #35
  • 100 x 12/0 Crystal Silverlined Seed Bead #21
  • 100 x 6/0 Crystal Silverlined Seed Bead #21
  • 2yds x 7 Strand Silver Beading Wire
  • 24 x 2mm Crimp Beads Silver
  • 2 x Toggle Sets
  • 10 x 1-1/2″ Head Pins Silver
  • 2 x Lobster Claw Silver
  • 4 x Fishhooks Silver
  • 6″ Small Chain Silver
  • 20″ Large Link Chain Silver

I think I’m going to need to buy a few more bead boxes if I want to create a little stash of beads, plus get a slightly larger sized segmented container for putting wire etc in as the wire doesn’t fit in this bead box.

beads in box

I’ve ended up arranging the beads with regards creating the different items as I found the instructions that came with this kit aren’t as good as I would like. The far left column contains spare parts, the next contains parts to make the Large Link Necklace, the next is the Double Strand Toggle Bracelet, then the Double Strand Necklace, followed by the Pearl Toggle Bracelet and the last column contains the parts for both sets of earrings – Link Earrings and Cluster Earrings. (The names are as given in the instruction leaflet.) So the beads look quite mixed up. The chain in the top right corner is used both in the Cluster Earrings and as adjustable chain lengths on both of the necklaces.

After having to transfer lots of fiddly small beads etc around when rearranging the parts that came with the kit I think I could do with also buying myself a bead scoop and tweezers to help with picking up the tiniest items.

The main issue I have with the instructions is that it doesn’t say what number of each parts should be used with each item (if that had been the case I wouldn’t have spent my time yesterday evening having to count out the different parts for each item). Plus the pictures are lacking clarity, even when they’ve done a close up shot the picture isn’t sharp enough to always easily see what parts are being used. The other thing is that there’s obviously been a few changes made to the parts provided from when the instructions were written – most notably:

  • On the Large Link Necklace it states to cut the (large link) chain into 4 sections – this doesn’t need to be done as those pieces already came in the appropriate sections. (See picture below.)
  • On the Double Strand Toggle Bracelet it states to attach wires to each loop on the double loop toggle clasp – the double loop toggle clasp provided actually has small lengths of chains attached to it. I’ve yet to decide whether to remove those small sections of chain or leave them on. I think I’ll wait and see whether they make enough of a difference to the overall length and look of the bracelet concerned before deciding what to do. (See picture below.)
  • The box states that 2yds of beading wire is provided (2yds = 72″). I measured the wire in my kit as just over 74″ which is fine. However, totalling up the amount of wire to cut for each of the different necklaces and bracelets (as per their instructions) = 100″. So currently I’m unsure whether I’ll have enough wire to complete the items in the kit, or whether they were being generous with the amount of wire they state is required for each item. I think it’ll be best for me to thread the beads on the wire before cutting the wire to length so that I don’t waste too much of the wire, and I’ll just have to see whether what they’ve actually provided is enough.
large link chain double loop toggle clasp

It’s a good thing I tend to read instructions carefully before doing something.

I’ve decided to start with making the necklaces and bracelets, as I’m unsure whether to use the fishhook earring wires that came with the kit, or obtain some earring studs which I typically prefer to wear.

Part 2 – Making the Necklaces & Bracelets


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  1. I think kits are a good starting point for many of us for exactly the reasons you mention. It cuts don on the decisions and lets you get right to work. The soft pink colours look lovely. Looking forward to the finished piece.

  2. I chose that particular kit as I liked the soft pink colours. I’m learning a lot about what to do/not to do using this jewellery kit.

  3. natpat permalink

    Thanks for the detailed information, it’s very difficult to know what one of these kits is like! Interested to know how the jewellery came out!

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