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Rose Light Crystazzi Glass Pearl Jewellery Kit – Part 2

30 August, 2011

Before I get into talking about the actual jewellery, I did find that the 2yds of beading wire provided is not enough to make all of the bracelets and necklaces in this kit (even if you’re being careful not to waste any). Also, other than stating the wire was 7 strand silver beading wire, for a beginner who knows nothing about beading wires that’s not that useful in helping me to figure out what to buy in order to complete the jewellery kit. Fortunately I have a store nearby that sells beading wire and was able to go look in person at them – I found Beadalon 7 strands, 0.015″ thickness, bright colour to be a decent enough match to the beading wire used in this kit.

Making the Necklaces & Bracelets

Large Link Necklace

I decided to start with making the large link necklace, which contains intermixed sections of large chain and sections of beads. I added an extra 12/0 pink seed bead on all of the outer edges by the crimps, as in a book I’ve got (about stringing jewellery), it stated that it was better to use a bead in that position to stop the wear on the wire particularly near clasps. (Although I do think I prefer the way it’s done in the book with metal spacer beads.) I’ve added extra 12/0 pink seed beads by all of the crimps in all the necklaces and bracelets in this kit.

I found it best to hide the wire ends in the larger beads on all of the items, in this particular case the 6mm pink pearls. I also found it easier to give a nice tight wire finish (so not lots of movement of the beads) by having a decent length of wire to pull on when I was finishing a beading section.

I definitely think a crimp plier is going to be added to my “to buy list”, as after using my chain nose pliers to squash the crimps flat, I think a crimp plier would make crimps look neater (and nicer).

This necklace ended up being approximately 29 1/2″ long including the clasp, but not including the 1″ extender chain, I find this length makes a suitably nice long necklace.

Large Link Necklace Large Link Necklace

Pearl Toggle Bracelet

The next item I made was the pearl toggle bracelet. I’ve actually made this item twice. The first time I copied the placement of the beads etc, however after wearing it for a bit I found that the length was just way too long. It wasn’t going to slip off my hand, but it was still way too loose for my liking. The original length was approximately 8.5″. I took off:

  • 2 x 8mm Pink Pearl
  • 4 x 12/0 Pink Seed Bead

These were removed from either side of the center point of the bracelet (the center 4mm lilac bicone/6mm pink pearl/4mm lilac bicone combination). This reduced the length of the bracelet to around 7 3/4″ which I find makes a nice comfortable loose bracelet.

Pearl Toggle Bracelet Pearl Toggle Bracelet

Double Strand Toggle Bracelet

For a jewellery kit that has a very strong symmetrical look to it, I found that one of the strands on this bracelet wasn’t very symmetrical. It had 3 x 6mm pink pearls on one side of the center 4mm lilac bicone and 5 x 6mm pink pearls on the other, so to me it just looked odd. Therefore, I rearranged the beads to be more symmetrical.

One of the strands on this bracelet worked out to be very obviously shorter than the other, even though I copied the instructions so that I was using the same amount of beads etc that was shown in the picture in the instruction manual. I reckon the difference in length would equal approximately 1/3″.

I decided to take off the small lengths of chains that were attached to the double toggle clasp, as before I even finished making this bracelet, it was looking like it would end up longer than the original 8.5″ of the previous bracelet. (It actually measured around 9 1/4″ without the chain parts). So to make this bracelet shorter and to make the lengths of each strand equal I took off the shorter strand:

  • 2 x 6mm Pink Pearl
  • 2 x 6/0 Crystal Silverlined Seed Bead
  • 8 x 12/0 Pink Seed Bead

The longer strand required the following to be removed:

  • 3 x 6mm Pink Pearl
  • 2 x 6/0 Crystal Silverlined Seed Bead
  • 10 x 12/0 Pink Seed Bead

This allowed the bracelet to be 7 3/4″ long, which is the length I made the previous bracelet to. For some reason one of the strands on this bracelet lies a bit twisted. I assume the beading wire has somehow got a bit twisted when I was making the bracelet so it doesn’t sit quite as nicely as I would like.

Double Strand Toggle Bracelet Double Strand Toggle Bracelet

Double Strand Necklace

This necklace uses two strands of beading wire together to make the single strand sections (at either side), and then the wires are separated at the bottom to make the double strand effect, before coming together to complete the other side. This means that where the necklace is attached by the clasp, there are two wires that have to be thread back through 12/0 size seed beads and crimps etc, that just are really on the small side to do that with. After quite a struggle with pulling on wires etc I was able to attach both ends of the necklace to the clasp.

If I wish to create a multi-strand necklace in the future, with this type of technique of doubling and splitting the wires apart to bead with, then I will make sure that I do it with much larger beads to thread the wires back through near the clasp.

This necklace ended up being approximately 16 1/2″ long on the shorter strand (including the clasp, but not including the extender chain) and just over 2″ longer on the longer strand. I feel that it just makes too short a necklace.

Double Strand Necklace Double Strand Necklace

Part 3 – Making the Earrings & Overall Thoughts on Kit


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