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Rose Light Crystazzi Glass Pearl Jewellery Kit – Part 3

3 September, 2011

Making the Earrings & Overall Thoughts on Kit

Link Earrings & Cluster Earrings

I decided to go and buy some earring studs to use, rather than use the fishhook earring wires that were provided with this kit, as that’s what I personally prefer to wear.

I found the earrings were quick and reasonably easy to make. I think my technique needs a tad more work. As my hooks on the head pins, that I make using the round nose pliers, end up being more of an oval shape rather than a nice circle. Plus I find, I tend to bend the wire somewhat sideways when making the loop, but I easily rectified that by using my chain nose pliers to straighten the hook, so that it’s in a vertical line with the beads. I really like the how the Cluster Earrings have turned out, they’re not too long to get caught in my hair, and still feel quite lightweight. However, being mainly used to wearing stud earrings I find that the Link Earrings are just too heavy for my liking.

Link Earrings:
Link Earrings Link Earrings

Cluster Earrings:
Cluster Earrings Cluster Earrings

Overall Thoughts On Kit

My overall impression of the kit was that it made a nice amount of jewellery and was good for a beginner to get their hands dirty with (so to speak), as it’s been a very useful learning experience. Would I buy this as a gift for someone else? – No.

My main reason for that would be that not enough wire is provided in the kit to actually make all of the items. (I know I went back and redid the bracelets to change their length so used more wire, but even if I had just left them the length that the pictures indicated it wouldn’t have been enough to make all of the items.) The other reasons I have are mainly due to the instructions not being accurate and clear, and I also think that the items design in appearance and wear are amateurish. What I mean by this is:

  • On the Peal Toggle Bracelet the bicones near the clasp scratch against my skin as they’re not held away by larger beads as they are elsewhere on the bracelet.
  • There are no jumps rings provided, although in some of the pictures in the instructions it shows jump rings being used. So for instance if somebody preferred a different type of clasp after it’s made, the item would have to be totally remade in order to attach a different clasp, rather than just unattaching it from the jump rings.
  • There is nothing like a teardrop to attach to the end of the extender chains so that they hang nicely, and it’s easier when putting on the necklaces to know where the end of the extender chain is if there is a teardrop on it.
  • On the Large Link Necklace there isn’t a long enough beaded section by the back/sides of the neck, so that the chain section can sit awkwardly around the back/sides of the neck and sometimes feel somewhat uncomfortable.
  • With the Double Strand Toggle Bracelet, I wouldn’t have expected to have to correct the layout of the beads, in order to make both strands of the bracelet equal in length.
  • This last comment with regards the Double Strand Necklace is more of personal taste than of function. I think that the double strand section is added too low in to the design and due to the way the necklace sits whilst it’s being worn, the bottom section (to me) looks like a big pink smiley mouth. So to me it just looks odd, and not something that I would wish to wear.

These are all the sort of mistakes in design, that I (as a beginner) would expect to make when designing my first items of jewellery. It’s not something that I would expect of a jewellery kit.

At the end of the day I was able to make the jewellery contained in the kit, and I do like the colours and parts of the design used in this jewellery. However, I’m planning on taking apart and remaking the bracelets and necklaces.


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