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My First Design – Purple Crazy Agate Elegance Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

17 September, 2011
Purple Crazy Agate Elegance

This is the first jewellery that I’ve designed from scratch. The main beads used are semi-precious stones Purple Crazy Lace Agate (12 x 16mm flat ovals) and Snowflake Obsidian (4mm round gems). I was immediately drawn to these agate beads as my favourite colour is purple, but what I like the most about them are their lovely patterns.


I started with making the necklace. The silver-plated metal curved tube beads I have, just really jumped out at me to create a wavy texture contrast with the agate beads. I used the obsidian beads as spacers around the necklace, and created a symmetrical design intermixing sections of agate and metal curved tubes. The necklace is finished off with a silver-plated magnetic clasp, and measures an overall length of 25.5″.

I decided to use a magnetic clasp as I’m very happy with the overall length of the necklace, so it wasn’t necessary to put a clasp on that could utilise an extension chain.

Purple Crazy Agate Elegance Necklace Purple Crazy Agate Elegance Necklace


Next I moved on to making the bracelet. I ended up trying to make this bracelet quite a number of times, as I was wanting to incorporate the silver-plated metal curved tubes in to the bracelet. However, I found it difficult to make the bracelet to a suitable length – it was either too short, or a tad too long. It also didn’t hang nicely around the wrist when using the metal curved tubes. As soon as I stopped trying to use the metal curved tubes and use some 3mm round silver-plated metal beads to provide the silver metal look, I managed to make the bracelet up first time, to the correct length and it sits nicely around the wrist as well. It’s finished off by a 13mm silver-plated toggle clasp.

Purple Crazy Agate Elegance Bracelet Purple Crazy Agate Elegance Bracelet


I tend to like lightweight, smallish earrings and therefore avoided using the agate stones when making earrings to go with the necklace and bracelet. I probably would have used smaller purple crazy lace agate stones if I’d been able to obtain any. (I did find a website that did sell these stones in smaller sizes, but unfortunately they were out of stock.)

I’ve ended up using an element from the bracelet to create the earrings, an obsidian/metal/obsidian bead section. Although in the earrings the bottom snowflake obsidian is 6mm, and the top one is 4mm with a 3mm silver-plated metal bead in between.

Purple Crazy Agate Elegance Earrings Purple Crazy Agate Elegance Earrings

The reason why I’ve gone with using silver-plated metal beads, clasps and findings (and likely to do so for future creations) is that the price of sterling silver is just very expensive in comparison.


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