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Photo Editing

20 September, 2011

I noticed that when looking back through some of my previous posts, that quite a number of the photos I had taken look on the dark side, with a fair amount of grey in the background even though they were taken against white paper. I’ve been trying to take my photos in natural light without using a flash, but unfortunately that’s led to some pictures not coming out quite as well as I would like.

This is where photo editing after the picture is taken can help. A useful free program for such a task is Gimp. Not only can I use it to crop the photos, so that what I’ve photographed is in the center of the picture, but it can be used to adjust the colour levels. The main thing that I’ve had to do is to adjust the input level on the right hand side (highlight/white end) so that it’s near the right hand end of the histogram so that it lightens up the entire photo.

Purple Crazy Agate Elegance Purple Crazy Agate Elegance

Although, this does leave some of my photos with a slight colour tinge to them. I believe that this is were using something like a photo light box would help as it would illuminate the subject matter (in this case jewellery) more clearly, which would lead to less tweaking to adjust colour/brightness levels on a computer afterwards. At the moment, I just don’t have the time or the space to set up something like this, so for now I’ll just have to live with the slight colour tinge to the photos.

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