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Back To The Drawing Board

13 October, 2011

Or more accurately, it’s back to the beading board.

I’ve been having difficulty with some beads that I’ve been trying to use and I’m having trouble figuring out how to utilise them.

Black Agate Tubes

These first beads of black agate tubes, I’ve been trying to create a pendant type look for a gift for someone who prefers to wear chains more than beaded stuff. However, I’ve been having trouble combining it in a way that makes it look good with just a small amount of beads. As shown in the picture I’ve tried combining the agate beads with some crystal Swarovski crystals. One segment of beads by itself fixed on a head pin isn’t enough, but adding the other segments either on the same jump ring or on separate jump rings added to a chain, just doesn’t sit nicely.

Green Amazonite Glass Oval Tubes

These green amazonite tubes, I’ve also been struggling with combining with other beads. I love this colour green but it doesn’t easily go with crystals as it’s not a reflective enough stone, but it’s difficult to combine with any of the other coloured beads I have.

So I need to rethink how to combine other elements that work with these particular beads.

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