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Design Failure

8 November, 2011

Although I’ve occasionally had design issues with some of the jewellery I’ve created to date, I’ve managed to figure the issues out and come up with solutions that work. However, this is the first item I’ve made that I feel is completely flawed and I would term a design failure.

Design Failure #1

Whilst it doesn’t look obviously flawed on first glance, there are a number of issues with this necklace.

  • It uses violet Swarovski Xilion Bicone crystals and lilac wire in the pendant section. Whilst initially I thought that the violet crystals would go nicely with the lilac wire, I realised after creating the pendant section that it would have been better to chose a different colour crystal that would stand out more visually and contrast better against the lilac wire used.
Design Failure #1
  • The other issue (although more minor) is that if a lower-cut top is worn the crystals can be a bit scratchy against the skin, as there is nothing lifting them up from touching the skin.
  • I initially had thought to place the pendant straight on to the silver-plated chain, however I found when I did that the eye was more drawn to look at the chain rather than the pendant itself, due to the colours involved.
  • To resolve the previous issue, I decided to create a intertwined section of lilac and silver wire to place the pendant on. I decided against doing the whole necklace like that as it would too difficult to keep it nicely shaped, so thought a smaller section would work better. The problem with using this smaller section of twisted wire, is that when wearing the necklace, the pendant will quite often end up sitting at one end (or the other) of the twisted wire section and not in the middle, so it ends up looking a bit odd.
Design Failure #1
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