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Amethyst Crystal Sparkle Necklace & Earrings

10 November, 2011
Amethyst Crystal Sparkle Necklace & Earrings

This amethyst crystal sparkle necklace is made from amethyst coloured glass (faceted teardrop 6 x 8mm) and Swarovski Clear Crystal (Xilion Bicone 3mm), that are wired together using silver-plated wire (0.6mm thickness). The earrings are made from Swarovski Crystals (Xilion Bicone Amethyst 4mm and Xilion Bicone Clear 3mm).

I’ve been wanting to do something with these amethyst glass beads for a while, but due to them having a central rather than a side drilled hole it’s taken me a while to figure out how to combine them.


Amethyst Crystal Sparkle Necklace The necklace is made in sections. Each section is comprised of two amethyst coloured glass beads with a Swarovski clear crystal in the middle. They are placed on 3″ of wire that is made into closed loops at either end, which are then joined together using 5mm jump rings. I did originally have 10 sections making up the necklace but that meant a jump ring was in the central place on the necklace so I removed one section. It’s better to have an odd number of sections so that a bead is the central focal point.

Amethyst Crystal Sparkle Necklace I did think of creating a central dangle section, but the beads aren’t heavy enough to weight a dangle section so that it sits nicely when worn. It’s better to use jump rings to connect the bead sections rather than connecting them directly to each other, as it makes it much easier to make modifications like adding or removing bead sections without having to redo the entire necklace. It also gives more flexibility to the design so it makes the necklace hang nicely, otherwise it could be a bit stiff.

I’ve used 5mm jump rings as that’s the only size I had, but I think it would look slightly better if the jump rings were slightly smaller in size.

The necklace has a 10.5″ long beaded section with an overall necklace length of 18″.

Amethyst Crystal Sparkle Necklace Amethyst Crystal Sparkle Necklace


The earrings are attached to 1cm of fine cable silver-plated chain, using eyepins, that have a circular design created at the bottom. The earrings are just over 1″ long.

The Swarovski crystals (whilst labelled amethyst like the glass beads) have a slightly pinker tone to their colour. So they are not quite an exact colour match to the other beads used in the necklace.

Amethyst Crystal Sparkle Earrings Amethyst Crystal Sparkle Earrings

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