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Setting Up An Etsy Shop

5 December, 2011

One of the more difficult aspects that took me a while to figure out was a name for my shop. The more obvious names for a jewellery shop have already been used by other people. I chose a name that had a connection and meaning to me: Purple Wyvern Jewels. My favourite colour is purple, and the rest of my shop name was inspired by my love of fantasy books. A wyvern being a mythical creature and a close relative to a dragon, love sparkly beautiful jewels.

Google Analytics

Once I had created an empty shop on Etsy, I added Google Analytics in order that I can track people visiting my shop. See the following article for help – What is Etsy Web Analytics?

Shop Banner

The next thing I did was to create a shop banner using Gimp. The banner needs to be 760px by 100px and no larger than 2MB. The stars in my banner were made by using GIMP brushes created by Hawksmont. (Check out Seller How-To: Banner Tips for more information on creating an Etsy banner.) I haven’t as yet got a logo for my shop, that’s something that still needs to be sorted out. The logo will be added to my shop banner when it’s been sorted out, plus I have plans on using it on my packaging and also on my business cards.


An important aspect of having any website found is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I found the following article on Handmadeology very useful in how to write the text for my shop information: Etsy SEO Made Easy Part 3 – Getting Your Shop Found.

Etsy Profile

An Etsy profile is the equivalent of an “about me” section that you’d see on most web sites. It’s a way of a potential buyer finding out a little bit about the seller. The following article has useful ideas for what to write for a profile – Getting To Know You: Tips and Tricks for Writing an Engaging Profile.

Shop Policies

A very important part of setting up an Etsy shop is to work out what the shop policies should be. It’s a way of detailing for a potential buyer exactly what they can expect from the shop. Policies need to written for payment, shipping, refunds & exchanges, seller information, and any other additional information that a potential buyer might find useful. In my additional information section, I’ve written about gemstones, the metals used in my creations, packaging I will use, and also about leaving feedback. A good blog article about writing shop policies is from – Life, Craftiness & Everything Else: Etsy Sellers Tips – Shop Policies.

For Etsy’s overview to creating a shop see – How Do I Set Up My Shop?

My Next Steps

The next major item on my to-do list, is to make stock for my Etsy shop. I’ve got a larger selection of beads now, and I’m currently waiting for a delivery of sterling silver parts to arrive, so that I can start making items for my shop.

I’ve decided to focus my jewellery creations on semi-precious beads (which I adore as there are so many different types, colours, patterns etc), and use predominately sterling silver for the metal components. There are just too many places selling jewellery online and in shops that sell low-cost jewellery. Even on Etsy, right at this moment, there are 2,518,861 items listed under the handmade jewellery section. So I want to go a little bit more upmarket (so to speak) as that dramatically increases my chances of being found if someone is searching on Etsy. Doing a search for “sterling silver” under the handmade jewellery section gives 388,026 items at this moment in time on Etsy – a dramatic difference. Combining “sterling silver” with “gemstone” in a search gives 45,067 items on Etsy currently. Going from 2,518,861 items down to 45,067 items is a massive difference in the amount of jewellery items that people are selling, using similar materials as I’m planning too. The other reason why I’m choosing to go with sterling silver, is that I don’t like how short a time silver-plated components seem to last, before showing wear and tear. (I’ve previously written about this in my post – Problems Using Silver-Plated.)

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