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15 December, 2011

So I’m still working on setting everything up to start selling my jewellery. I’ve set up a separate blog for Purple Wyvern Jewels, and also registered as a Twitter user for the first time.

So far I’ve rearranged the basic appearance on the blog to have purple colouring to fit in with my shop name, but have yet to fill it with much information.

I haven’t really done anything with Twitter yet, apart from follow a couple of people. At the moment I’m not quite sure how it will be best to utilise Twitter, as I’ve not used it before, so don’t yet know the in’s and out’s so to speak of how it all works.

As for Facebook I haven’t yet set anything up with that, but do plan on setting up a specific Purple Wyvern Jewels page at some point.

The more places I try to reach out and contact people about my jewellery, hopefully it will make the word spread easier and get myself out there. Which if I’m lucky will in turn, hopefully, generate some sales once I’ve populated the shop with my jewellery creations.

Speaking of jewellery creations. I’ve managed to make a couple of items, but I’ve got quite a few more that I want to make, so that I have a range of items to sell. I plan on making items over the Christmas period and then do a massive photograph session in January with the items. Then placing them up in short succession to my shop, so that when I start officially telling people about my shop there’s a range of items for people to look at rather than just a couple of items.

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