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Busily Creating

21 January, 2012

I’ve been busy creating jewellery items to build up a stock for my shop. From what I’ve read on the Etsy Forums it’s a good idea to try to aim to have around 100 items in a shop as this will give a potential buyer several pages of items that they can look through. That if you’re lucky might result in a potential buyer finding something they like and wish to buy. The hardest part from everything I’ve read is actually getting people to view your shop in the first place. So if there are only a few items in a shop it’s somewhat of a wasted effort, particularly if you’ve been working hard at promoting your shop. I’ve currently created around about a quarter of my items target, and probably won’t meet that target when I’m ready to open my shop. However, it’s something that I will certainly try to aim to get to, and to maintain at that sort of level, as the more items I have the more likely that I can get a sale.

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