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Shipping Prices

19 February, 2012

I’ve been having to think quite a bit about how to handle and price my shipping prices. Having weighed a number of my jewellery items (including packaging) and looked at Royal Mail’s shipping fees, it looks like I can limit it to two different prices, one for shipping in the UK and one for everywhere else in the world. Items sent within the UK will be classified as a large letter, and everywhere else as a small packet.

The weight of my items doesn’t appear to be an issue, however the value that I’m intending to sell them for is. Royal Mail have a limit of £46 that items can be sent by 1st Class within the UK or by Airmail elsewhere. Given the fact that my items are made out of sterling silver and quite a few from semi-precious stones as well, some individual items will be more than £46, or some items brought combined will be more than that. Unfortunately, the cost of Next Day Delivery within the UK or by Airsure Small Packets for elsewhere in the world, bumps up the postage costs considerably. To send a small packet by Airsure it would cost just under £10, so if someone is just buying a £10 pair of earrings, that type of shipping effectively doubles the price a customer needs to pay. As the majority of the people who use Etsy are US based, I really need to keep shipping costs down in order to be able to compete with US sellers on Etsy, if someone from the US comes across my shop and likes my items. I really don’t want to put anyone off from purchasing, by having my shipping prices too high.

After much thought and consideration I’ve decided to post using 1st Class and Airmail, and split up packages of multiple items that are greater than £46. (Even with the additional packaging costs it still works out far cheaper than paying for the higher postage costs of just one package.) For individual items that are greater than £46, I will use the higher postage fees. As otherwise if a package gets lost, I will be unable to claim for the full amount, and will lose out financially when refunding a customer for a lost order.

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